my friend left me a really long drunk voicemail and it is almost funny but it’s also freaking me out because she’s panting and saying “oh my god” over and over and it sounds so much like the blair witch project


Chelsea Hotel No. 2 by Leonard Cohen

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don’t hate your body because it’s too fat or too thin hate it because it’s a prison of flesh and its existence is meaningless

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i met someone irl the other day and they were really nice and we were talking about tumblr so they told me to follow them but i went home and opened their blog and it’s literally all my little pony fanart and loki/thor porn so i give up on humanity


living in suburbia as performance art

i’m helga pataki irl

Kanye West - Hey Mama


Hey Mama - Kanye West 

Happy Mother’s Day!

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cant wait 2 have my own place

gonna have witty and ironic mugs.

kylequinceys said: i love u

NIKI :)!!!!!!!!! i’ll eat u up i miss you so.

“I was reading a scientific article” by Margaret Atwood


They have photographed the brain
and here is the picture, it is full of
branches as I always suspected,

each time you arrive the electricity
of seeing you is a huge
tree lumbering through my skull, the roots waving,

It is an earth, its fibres wrap
things buried, your forgotten words
are graved into my head, an intricate

red blue and pink prehensile chemistry
veined like a leaf
network, or is it a seascape
with corals and shining tentacles.

I touch you, I am created in you
somewhere as a complex
filament of light

You rest on me and my shoulder holds

your heavy unbelievable
skull, crowded with radiant
suns, a new planet, the people
submerged in you, a lost civilization
I can never excavate:

my hands trace the contours of a total
universe, its different
colours, flowers, its undiscovered
animals, violent or serene

its other air
its claws

its paradise rivers

i don’t know what i’m going to get for record store day but i really want that rereleased mcr hoodie WHAT? HOW DID I GET HERE? THIS IS NOT MY POST.